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aldarIT SuperAds 1.5

A Free Multiple Ad-Network Silverlight Control for Windows Phone 7

In a nutshell

Terms and Conditions

"Controls" in this section stands for the Silverlight custom controls contained in the Aldarit.SuperAds.dll and the Aldarit.SuperAds.LocationAware libraries.


Make sure that
<Capability Name="ID_CAP_IDENTITY_DEVICE"/>
and if you use the LocationAwareAdControl in AldarIT.SuperAds.LocationAware.dll:
<Capability Name="ID_CAP_LOCATION"/>

are in the capabilities section of WMAppManifest.xml. They are in it by default, but you might have removed these entries.


If you agree with the terms and conditions, you can download a copy of Aldarit.SuperAds here.

Don't forget to "unbock" the zip file if you downloaded it on a computer running Microsoft Windows 7.

New: If you use NuGet, there is a NuGet Package too!

Known Issues

Change History



  1. Q: There are two controls: AdControl, and LocationAwareAdControl. Which one should I use?
    A: Using the LocationAwareAdControl has the benefit that this control automatically retrieves and sends the position of the device to the ad-providers when requesting an ad. This may result in better targeted ads, a higher click rate and a higher income. The disadvantage of this control is that you actually have to ask to user for permission to sends your location to an ad-provider. Apart from this AdControl and LocationAwareAdControl are virtually identical.
  2. Q: What does the Priority property of an AdProvider mean?
    A: Ads are retrieved from ad-providers in order of their priority. For example, an ad-provider with a priority of 1 gets only queried when ad-providers with a priority of 2 or higher cannot serve an ad. Ad-providers with identical priorities get queried in a random order. If you give an ad-provider a negative (below 0) priority, no ads are requested at all.
  3. Q: How do I adapt the layout of the AdControl?
    A: This can be done in Expression Blend by editing a copy of its template:
    1. Select the AdControl you want to adapt in Expression blend and create a copy of its template:
    2. Blend prompts you to create a new style:
    3. You can now change the layout of the control. However, the default template will change in the next releases, so do this only if you are prepared to update your custom template when migrating to a newer version of AldarIT.SuperAds.
  4. Q: I want to use ads from ad-provider X. How do I open an account and register my application?
    A: This is beyond the support I can offer. You have to follow the instructions at the individual ad-providers.
    If an ad-provider does not support Windows Phone 7 yet, I learned that people had success registering their apps as Android apps, but that is your responsibility. The best way might be to contact the ad-provider for instructions.
  5. Q: When I compile my app, I get an error-message about a missing Google.AdMob.Ads.WindowsPhone7.dll and/or Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.UI.dll. What should I do?
    A: Both the AdMobAdProvider as the PubCenterAdProvider require the original SDKs to ensure optimal compatibility. You can download those SDKs here (AdMob) or here (PubCenter).

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